Most people outside land of France believed that the little pancake of a hat is the symbol of French beret. Traditional French beret is made of felted wool, featuring a little tail at the top of beret. But now, a beret featuring one of those characteristics could be regarded as French style. Certainly, beret hat uk is warm and waterproof, and it also could be tucked in your bad easily. However, it is not just an ordinary headpiece. Viewing from what one has worn, more information like personal characters and other individual information of fashion could be found. In other words, it is a statement of one’s personal style. When it comes to reasons of its prevalence, some divers may explain specific causes to a certain extent. Many people in different industries wear it from time to time, including shepherd, artist, soldier and film star.


French berets are closely related to France. People from various regions of the world wear it. French people also don’t admit they have invented such berets. Imagining scenes in the ark, one floats on floods while raining poured down. Then he noticed the wool of pen had been trampled for many times and turned into felt. One cut one circle from the felt, taking it as a headpiece. In the modern times, shepherds from French Béarn and Basque have contributed to its popularization. Considering special performances of wool, shepherds believe it would be same to keep people comfortable facing different weather conditions. Some found that wool turned to felt with compression of walking and humidity from wet ground.

In the early 1800s, berets have been produced massively, because standardized style and craftsmanship. In addition, the unpleasant smell has been eliminated. On the basis of previous history in producing textile products, it’s natural they could weave popular cap in the region. In 1810, the first factory dedicated to berets was founded and many other similar factories also followed the steps of the first one.

At the start, berets were knitted by hand, featuring a tail on the top of a beret. After entering the machine-knitted era, the short tail has to been knitted, because many believed that a tail-less beret was not a beret. Because of mass production, berets became popular in a short time and those berets renowned in the world.

In the context of industrialization, many transferred from rural areas to urban areas to pursue better work. Certainly, they carried trusty berets with them, then berets became the symbol of workers. Physical labours were not the only group wearing berets. From the middle of the 18th century to the early 19th century, berets have been taken as a part of the artistic image of the Left Bank. Perhaps they only would like to imitate artists of the Renaissance like Rembrandt, or they just would like to keep warm because of weak ability to pay their rents.

No matter what reasons, many renowned artists like Monet, Cezanne, Marie Laurencin, Picasso enjoyed such fashionable berets. To a certain extent, the little cap is now inextricably linked with the image of the artist.

Since the announcement of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s marriage, it has triggered heated discussion in the world. In addition, some squabbling and appalling behaviors followed the announcements. Here are some related reports. 

Upon the announcement, some equality-minded social media were empowered to publish some related reports. After almost 20 years, tragedy of Princess Diana has finally being ended with a happy ending — Prince Harry‘s wedding. It is a new plot to fill the previous void. In the past twenty years, even the mysterious death of JR only lead to an eight-month sensation. Those related royal storylines could be paralleled with soap operas.

Naturally, The Duke and Duchess of Susses’s baby is also the focus of heated discussion. Most people also show their support to the wedding. Though Meghan is a mixed-race woman, she is also popular among many British people. In spite of all above factors, social media also need to go tiptoed carefully through the field of cliches. Before two years, the Mail described her with words like “exotic” and “racy”. Some debate centered on whether she was “a bolter” or “bonus points”. Following the announcement, publish criticism came, reproaching Harry and the press. 

Some newspapers are confused to their baby’s identity, because they believed that it is inconsistent with their British institutions. But they are right to a certain extent. The baby is the focus of many warring factions. Many also debated about the theme — what is a royal good baby. At the same time, Princess Eugenie’s wedding was overshadowed when Harry and Meghan announced the pregnancy. It means they will welcome a new family member in the near future. But now, the column could not catch attentions from public. The bride expect to be the center of attentions at all time, just like a toddler.

When we talk about the York family, the most striking matters would be expensive



wedding for Eugenie. All of those costs may come from public taxes. In the event that all costs spent on a tiara, most public would recognize such behaviors. But she didn’t do this. So we could not comment this matter in normal emotions of actual grownups here. In Princess Eugenie’s big day, Kate wears a raspberry beret. She is regarded as the wedding guest chic. After the birth of her third child in April. She presented at the wedding ceremony on Friday. The burgundy ensemble on Kate is designed by the same designer of her wedding dress Alexander McQueen. Besides, the matching velvet beret is designed by go-to milliner Philip Treacy. Shortly after the maternity leave, she visited some schools and began took part in some royal activities. She arrived at the recreation ground in Paddington, London after two-mile drive. The visit aims at spending time with local school children and learn how to getting their hands dirty in a wildlife garden.

From some sporadic engagements from October, the 36-year-old royal will take part in some activities till the end of the year. Then, she will return to busy schedule in January.



I particularly enjoyed the forelock-tugging photos that were released to prove how down to earth he is, which showed that he smiles when a servant gives him his tea in one of the 10 m houses that he owns for no reason anyone can explain. My favourite part of this kind of Charles puffery is when someone claims that the man who has famously never worked, really does work terribly, terribly hard. This time that responsibility fell to Prince Harry, who described his father as “a workaholic”, to which you really can only respond, “Wow, imagine spending your life in such serious withdrawal! Poor chap!”

The really need of royal family could be the focus of public attention. At the time of Charles’ birthdays, most people will remind tragedy of Princess Diana, boy’s sadness and Charles’ guilt, etc. At the same time, Harry’s singleness and his pursuit of blond woman in SW6 will appear in the sights of public. Since announcement of Harry’s wedding, it seems that both plots have been resolved. All people are happy now, including Charles, William and Harry. But in this way, newspapers could bot be sold out. Fortunately, when it comes to royals, the best storylines are those familiar. So some storylines are here now: Prince Harry married to an American divorcee.

Around the wedding, some speak highly of Meghan as A Good Thing. Some even regard her as A Perfect Thing. Compared with Meghan, some believed that frumpy Kate would be jealous about this thing. Some even believed Meghan would save royals, cheering the world’s media. One month after, it is reported that Meghan criticized aides with texts and get up early at 5 a.m. It is the first shot earlier in the month. The first shot has paved ways for the week’s appalling story: “Meghan’s aide quit after just several months, and the aide once worked happily for Robbie Williams.” Some media exposed Meghan’s real attitude towards royal life. It is a nightmare literally for her. Then, it is exposed that Harry and Meghan chose move out of an “apartment” in Kensington Palace and move into a “cottage” in Windsor.

There is no need to worry about whether there will be a “battle” between Meghan and Kate. Most so-called royal insiders will say yes facing such headlines. We are told that Meghan got what she wants, featuring strong individual personality. Some argued that she has disturbed the original order. As a result, some estimated that Harry got very dictatorial and Meghan broaden the gap between two brothers.

For the sake of pushing of the press in the country, many outsiders may believe what they have published in newspapers. No one will not admire the tenacity of the press in the country, it boasts that most royals were spoilt Sloanes. Let’s guess the suggestion that the bossy one in the marriage is Meghan rather than Harry. The American raised my a single mother while Harry was raised by servants. Some love Meghan to Britain while some believe her coming is the worst thing happened to this country.